Energy & Environment

Energy independence and job creation are vital, but they should not come at the expense of our most valuable natural resources.  As a Member of Congress, Jessica will ensure that the beautiful beaches she grew up on here in Pinellas remain national treasures for generations to come.  To achieve true energy independence, we need a national energy policy that invests in clean energy innovation and ends tax breaks for big oil companies.

Energy Independence

It is no secret that America needs to end its dependence on foreign oil. For too long, big oil companies have reaped record profits while Congress rewarded them with billions in tax giveaways at the expense of working families. It is time for a new plan.

Jessica believes that Pinellas County can be a green leader. That is why she supports investing in clean energy technologies and innovation to power our future. These investments have the potential to make us cleaner, greener, safer, more sustainable, and energy independent, all while spurring economic investment and creating new jobs.

Beautiful Beaches

Pinellas County is continually cited as having the most beautiful beaches in the country – St. Pete Beach was recently ranked by TripAdvisor as the number-one beach destination in the United States. As a native of St. Petersburg, Jessica grew up with a deep respect for our treasured coastline. In Congress, she will strengthen legislation protecting our coastal waterways.