Jobs & The Economy

Jessica understands that a strong middle-class is the foundation of a growing economy, and in Congress she will always be an advocate for hardworking families. That means supporting our small businesses, revitalizing our manufacturing sector, investing in our infrastructure, and ensuring smart spending of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Fiscal Responsibility

Jessica believes that growing our economy must be our number one priority, and to do that we need fiscal responsibility and forward thinking. That means supporting American companies and American workers, and closing tax loopholes that allow corporations to ship jobs overseas. By investing in our workforce and infrastructure today, we will build a strong economy tomorrow. Both Democrats and Republicans must work together to address our long-term fiscal health and ensure the budget is not balanced on the backs of hardworking Americans. Slashing spending or implementing short-term, short-sighted fixes to address the deficit is pennywise and pound foolish.
Jessica will use her experience working for Fortune 500 companies and on both sides of the aisle to bring common sense solutions back to Washington.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy here in Pinellas County and in communities across the country. Increasing the clarity, stability, and transparency of our tax code is key to giving these businesses the confidence they need to hire and grow. We can put Americans back to work by reducing the regulatory burden on small businesses and unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit to spur our economy.


Building a brighter future for Pinellas County starts with investing in our workforce and industry today. Florida’s I-4 technology corridor has the potential to create many new jobs. Research and development coupled with public-private partnerships between businesses and Pinellas’ numerous higher education and training institutions can support the innovation of new technologies and grow local manufacturing and the well-trained workforce these jobs require. Investing in manufacturing and workforce training will spur new industries, attract new businesses, and create new jobs.