July 15 2013

​St. Petersburg, FL – Jessica Ehrlich has nearly doubled Rep. Bill Young’s fundraising support in the first filings of their rematch campaign. Ehrlich reported $153,737.41 in contributions, almost twice as much as Young’s $86,208 second quarter report. She has also out-raised Congressman Young’s total contributions for this entire year in just her first quarter.

“This campaign is already being fueled by nearly 500 grassroots donors, and I am grateful to have their support. Speaking with voters every day, I hear again and again that they are tired of business as usual in Washington and are ready for new leadership who will listen and understand what families are going through here in Pinellas,” said Ehrlich. “Folks here are concerned with paying their bills, giving their children a quality education and protecting Social Security and Medicare, not with special interests in Washington.” April 3, 2013 to June 30, 2013, Jessica raised $153,737 from 487 donors and is reporting $130,872.32 cash-on-hand. Ehrlich raised nearly twice as much as she did in the same period last cycle, including four times as many contributions and nearly twice as much cash-on-hand. She has also out-raised Congressman Young this year despite him receiving 42 percent of his contributions from special interests groups.